Looking to recruit a new executive, manager or professional?

Business owner or responsible for recruiting? Ever wondered how recruiters' fees are justified? We did...

Attracting, selecting and recruiting talented managers and professionals into your business needs a balance of experience, science and know-how. And it shouldn't come at a ridiculous cost. Justified Talent - Management & Professional Recruiters is here to help you - for an investment which is readily Justified.

About Us


We love working with cost-conscious business owners and their HR person. Focused on 'executive recruitment', we specialise in attracting, selecting and recruiting talented managers and professionals. Our blend of experience, benchmarking and behavioural science ensures you meet the highest quality people for the role, with the highest probability of success in the role. We bring a different approach which ensures your decision to use us is Justified


Justified Talent - Management & Professional Recruiters was borne out of the frustration, disappointment and dismay we had experienced in dealing with recruitment providers over many years. We're here to support the SME sector particularly. Quite simply we just want to provide talent and recruitment services that are of unquestionable value-for-money. Our core values are:
Transparency | Rigour | Value


Our team are all seasoned executives (with the requisite silver hair to prove it!). We have each had to hire and fire, manage P&Ls and deliver results through people. AND we've also been frustrated by mediocre - and expensive! - management recruitment service providers. We've been clients of management recruiters and we've been poorly treated 'candidates'. Most importantly each member of the team enjoys a reputation for knowing genuine management talent when they see it. When it comes to executive recruitment we know what you want and need.

Our Values - Your Advantage


We've unbundled the executive recruitment process. As the client you choose which elements of the recruitment or assessment process you want us to perform for you and which you want to handle – you have control, you have certainty, you have clarity. We are completely transparent.


Our executive recruitment methodology combines the real-world experience of our senior consultants, with exacting briefs, the latest online screening technology and the science of job-fit assessments. Every person or recommendation presented to you will always be completely Justified.


Our executive recruitment fees are easily Justified. You only pay for the services we perform - as agreed by you at the outset. We charge a fee-per-service. And what's more, engage us to do everything for you and you'll never pay more than $9000! No matter how senior the role level, title or salary is!

Our Focus

Recruiting Sales Executives

From Outbound Call-Centre Team Leader, to Field Sales Manager, to Sales Director

Recruiting HR Professionals

From HRBP to, L&D Manager, to Director - People & Culture

Recruiting CX/CS/CC Professionals

From CS Team Leader, to Outbound Manager, to GM Customer Service

Recruiting Operations Professionals

From Production Team Leader, to Operations Manager, to COO

Recruiting General Managers

From Head of Department to Business Unit Leader to your 2IC


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