It's true... Hiring your first team-member into a 'mission-critical' revenue generation role can be very stressful for business owners. But by using three of the latest, blow-away-accurate advanced predictive-hiring software and behavioural analytics platforms, which cut through the 'recruitment' BS, we can help you make critical sales-role decisions which are smarter, faster and much more cost-effective.

Justified Talent are Australia's #1 sales professional recruitment specialists for SMEs. We help our clients to find a 300% better match for their business culture, accelerate sales recruitment by 33%, all while saving them up to 66% vs. traditional recruitment fees. We're smarter, faster and much more cost effective! We also consult to and help Internal Recruiters to get better at recruiting top sales tal

And unlike like traditional recruiters we've unbundled the management & professional recruitment process. As our client you choose which elements you want us to perform for you and which you want to keep in-house - giving you control and savings! 

We specialise in assisting start-ups and SME's to better attract, select and recruit the very best sales professionals and managers who will and do work out! Partnering with us will easily be readily Justified! 

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About You


Privately-owned and dependant on bringing the right people into 'mission-critical' sales roles

Value Conscious

Open to using professionals to support and advise you - but for a realistic cost

Open Minded

You know there's a better way of doing things and you're open to new technology and its capabilities

Our Values - Your Advantage


We've unbundled the sales professional recruitment process. As the client you choose which elements of the recruitment or assessment process you want us to perform for you, or, advise you on and which you want to handle – you have control, you have certainty, you have clarity. We are completely transparent.


We specialise in small business sales professional recruitment in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our management recruitment and professionals recruitment methodologies bring together the real-world experience of our senior consultants, with exacting briefs, the latest online predictive-hiring software and the science of the most predictively reliable job-fit assessments in the world. Every person or recommendation presented to you will always be completely Justified.


Our management & professional recruitment fees are easily Justified. You only pay for the services we perform - as agreed by you at the outset. We charge a flat fee-per-service. And what's more, engage us to do everything for you and you'll never pay more than $9000! No matter how senior the role level, title or salary is!

Our Focus

Recruiting Sales Professionals

From Hunter, Business Development Manager, Account Executive, to Outbound Contact-Centre Operator

Recruiting Account Managers

From Inside Sales Reps, Relationship Managers, Business Development Executive, Customer Care, to CX specialist

Recruiting CC/CX Professionals

From CS Agent, to Outbound Operator, to Customer Experience consultant

Recruiting Franchise Developers

From Business Development Executives, Franchise Development Officers, to Head of Franchising

Recruiting Sales Managers

From Sales Team Leader, Sales Manager, State Sales Manager, to National Sales Manager

Recruiting Sales Leaders

From Head of Sales, Sales Director, to Chief Revenue Officer


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