Recruiting A Sales Person?

The #1 concern for many small business owners thinking of recruiting their first sales person is "What if I get this wrong?"

There are 3 fundamental errors which I've seen repeated over and over and over again when it comes to "scale-up" and small business owners recruiting their first sales professionals:

1. They are looking for the wrong things - like a shopping list of skills - and an extroverted personality;

2. They don't know, that they don't know, how to interview, getting sucked in by the best story tellers;

3. They think their new sales person is a 'cruise missile' so they leave them in the corner and 'set-and-forget' (telling themselves they're 'delegating').

At Justified Talent we solve those problems - we specialise in assisting start-ups and SME's to better identify, attract, select, recruit and optimise genuine sales professionals who will and do work out - ensuring that between you, you all become a powerhouse sales team.

We use three of the latest, blow-away-accurate, advanced predictive-hiring software and behavioural analytics platforms, which cut through the 'recruitment' BS. We help you make those early, critical, sales-role decisions much  smarter, much faster and much more cost-effectively.

 Partnering with us will always be easily Justified! 

About You

Our Values - Your Advantage


Ever wondered what a recruiter actually does to justify (get it?) their fee? We are completely transparent. Our 4-stage 'Evidence-Based Recruitment' methodology gathers 300% more data than traditional recruiters do. You'll know exactly what we're doing to attract, select, recruit and then help you optimise your first sales hire. Every person or recommendation presented to you will always be completely Justified.


Our 'Evidence-Based Recruitment' methodology brings together the real-world Sales Management experience of our "Vertical Experts", with the very latest online predictive-hiring software and the science of the most predictively reliable job-fit assessments in the world.  We'll gather 300% more reliable data than a traditional recruiter... which means you can make a confident hiring decision.


Our recruitment fees are easily Justified. We give you the most comprehensive service to attract the best talent - to verify, scientifically, their suitability, not only to the role but to your culture - as well as giving you unique insights into how to optimise your new hires's journey to productivity.  All for a fee of just $9000!

We specialise in small business sales professional recruitment in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. 

Our Focus

Recruiting Sales Professionals

From Hunter, Business Development Manager, Account Executive, to Outbound Contact-Centre Operator

Recruiting Account Managers

From Inside Sales Reps, Relationship Managers, Business Development Executive, Customer Care, to CX specialist

Recruiting CC/CX Professionals

From CS Agent, to Outbound Operator, to Customer Experience consultant

Recruiting Franchise Developers

From Business Development Executives, Franchise Development Officers, to Head of Franchising


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