Role Benchmarks

Each of the roles which exist in your organisation need people who possess a unique set and blend of 'characteristics'. When you are able to discern what those specific characteristics are, scientifically, you have a greater capacity to attract, select and recruit the right people, whose own hard-wiring lends itself to success in that role. When you bring people into your mission-critical roles whose very nature lends itself to the work and environment you're on to a winner!

At Justified Talent we use the ProfileXT® as the engine of our role benchmarking. ProfileXT® rates as one of the most predictively reliable psychometric assessments in the world today  - with a reliability coefficient of .82 (and test-retest norms of .95)

The creation of a Role Benchmark consists of:

  • Identifying between 3 & 5 high-performers in that role
  • Profiling each of those individuals, using the ProfileXT®
  • (In the absence of enough high-performers we use the considered opinion of 3-5 of your managers who know the role well and use a Job Analysis Survey)
  • Our platform then scientifically combines all of their data and develops a draft benchmark;
  • We then walk through the draft with you and fine tune it;
  • The benchmark is then 'published' and ready for using in comparative analysis.

Role benchmarking, using the ProfileXT® allows you to subsequently:

  • Compare the 'hard-wiring' of any individual (potential or current employee) and discern their likelihood of success in the role for which you are considering them;
  • Gain insights into the best coaching to give to a person in that role, to assist them to become a high-performer;
  • Make better appointment decisions, based on behavioural science, not 'gut feel' or cognitive bias.

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