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Over the last 20 years there has been a boom in 'personality tests'. And while many of them - but not all - serve a good purpose, few of them are designed to help in selection and appointment decision-making. At Justified Talent we use the ProfileXT®. This assessment rates as one of the most predictively reliable psychometric assessments in the world today  - with a reliability coefficient of .82 (and test-retest norms of .95).  On this page you'll see the very specific roles that ProfileXT® can play in your organisation.

Role Benchmarks

Using cutting-edge technology in concert with the most predictively reliable psychometric assessment in the world today, we are able to help you discern the critical characteristics needed by future team-members in your business. From this we create role benchmarks which enable you to discern a person's likely fit to any role in your organisation. From here you can make appointment, promotion and/or development decisions which are readily Justified.

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Job-Fit Assessments

Using the ProfileXT we are able to assess the natural 'hardwiring' of any person you are considering appointing to any role - technical, professional, managerial and executive - and identify their likelihood of success in that role, along with their innate strengths and weaknesses. From here you can make appointment decisions which are readily Justified.

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Behavioural Coaching Guides

The funny thing about the most expensive resource you have in your business, your people, is that they don't come with a 'Users Guide'... until now! When you appoint an individual to a role in your organisation, using our advanced personality test we can provide you with personalised coaching tips, unique to that person in that role! You'll know instantly what their unique characteristics are and the tailored coaching you provide will be well and truly Justified.

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Pre-promotion Assessments

We all know that being great at one role doesn't always translate into being a great manager or leader of others in that role. By using the Role Benchmark and Job-Fit Assessments we can help you identify whether an individual's 'nature' lends itself to being effective in their promotion. From here you can make promotion decisions which are readily Justified.

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Career Planning

To what degree are your people doing what they're best at, as opposed to simply struggling to do their best? Role Benchmarking and Job-Fit Assessments allow you and them to answer that question scientifically and to discern future career directions which will see career decisions which are completely Justified.

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