The traditional recruitment process is fundamentally flawed - primarily because of cognitive bias. At Justified Talent our use of proven behavioural-science and predictive analytics makes our process up to 3 times more effective at selecting the right fit for you. No more guesswork, 'gut feel' or fingers crossed behind backs. We are up to 66% less expensive than traditional recruiters. We also dramatically reduce the time-to-hire! 



We love working with cost-conscious business owners and their HR person. Focused on 'sales recruitment', we specialise in attracting, selecting and recruiting talented sales managers and professionals. Our blend of experience, benchmarking and behavioural science ensures you meet the highest quality people for the role, with the highest probability of success in the role. We bring a different approach which ensures your decision to use us is Justified



We've been in your shoes. Each of our team has been business-owners and sales leaders. We've managed sales people... and P&L's and balance sheets. And we've experienced mediocre and expensive recruiters. So, we're passionate about providing a recruitment service to SMEs which is unparalleled - we want to help you bring sales people into your business in a way which is smarter, faster and more cost-effective!



You have several choices of how you engage us and pay for our services...

A 'contingent' fee - where you only pay when you hire a sales professional we've fully assessed and presented to you, of 15% (plus GST) of the total remuneration package.


A 'retained' flat fee of $9000 plus GST which is invoiced over 4 stages, on the completion of identified steps. That's a potential 66% saving in comparison to traditional recruiters when you recruit your next sales manager or sales professional!


We've unbundled the sales professional & sales management recruitment process, where as the client you choose which elements of the recruitment or assessment process you want us to perform for you, or, advise you on and which you want to handle – you have control, you have certainty, 

You have clarity. We are completely transparent.

We'll happily perform one, or, any combination of these services, each for an affordable, fixed-fee-per-service:

  • Develop deeper insights into the ideal person and fit - $1625
  • Build and implement better strategies that attract the best possible candidates - $450
  • Quickly and accurately sort through the wave of applications - $1980
  • Approaching passive candidates who aren't looking at job ads - $1980
  • Conduct initial competence-based interviews to identify the short list - $2010
  • Profile the short listed people to ensure 'JobFit' to your organisation - $360 each
  • Coach your hiring managers on effective, consistent and reliable interview techniques - $225
  • Discern if and which candidates will be better people-leaders - $435 each
  • Conduct reference checks that actually mean something - $337
  • Improve the predictive reliability of your selection process to best-practice levels - $1500
  • Know from day one the strengths and weaknesses of your new team-member and exactly how to support them in their first 90-days - $360 per person



See how our 4-phase methodology helps you better identify, attract, select, recruit and optimise your sales professional