JobFit™ Assessments

Bringing new people into your business will always be part opportunity and part risk. So, minimising the risk is really important - especially for your 'mission-critical' roles. With Justified Talent you can dramatically reduce the risk of a mis-match in your organisation by having us conduct JobFit™ assessments for you.

At Justified Talent we use the ProfileXT® as the engine of our JobFit Assessments. The ProfileXT® rates as one of the most predictively reliable psychometric assessments in the world today  - with a reliability coefficient of .82 (and test-retest norms of .95)

The JobFit Assessment process consists of:

  • The individual/s that you are seriously considering for a role undertake an online ProfileXT® self-assessment;
  • The assessment takes approximately 50-minutes to complete and measures the individuals' cognitive abilities, behavioural traits and occupational interests;
  • The assessment has an inbuilt candour scale and will alert us if the individual is attempting to present an idealised version of themselves;
  • On completion the platform scores the assessment immediately and then conducts comparative analysis against the chosen Role Benchmark;
  • Reports are generated - to the individual (with no comparative data - just a description of their overall character) - and to you, with comparative data, identifying their percentage fit against the benchmark and providing further interview questions for you to pose, if desired;
  • When you appoint anybody who has been assessed we will also be able to give you a Behavioural Coaching Guide to accelerate their journey to productivity.

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